Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sad News

We've been really sad here. One of the foster kittens, Ivory, was killed by a pit bull on October 13. Two boys were walking the dogs off-leash. They let them run into our side yard. One dog went straight for Ivory. One of the boys had to beat the dog tmake him let go. Ivory died two hours later of massive internal injuries. She was only ten weeks old.
Mommy called the police. The officer that came told us that this was the second cat killing in two weeks by that same set of dogs. Mommy found out where they lived and called Animal Care & Control. She submitted an affadavit and is planning to take legal action. It won't bring ivory, my little Siamese sister back, though.
We'll let you know what happens.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Autumnal Aspirations

Hi Efurryone. Here in Florida we decoarate for fall. Mommy has decorated the house with Indian corn,wheat sheaves,gourds,fake leaves, a scarecrow and pumpkins. Oh do we have pumpokins. She has ornage pimpkins,white pumpkins,green pimpkins,black pumpkins and even a purple pumpkin. They are made of china,cloth,ceramics and plastic. She has groupings of them on the dining room table,on a window sill, even on top of the refrigerator. I feel like I'm drowning in pumpkins. And that's not counting the Halloween stuff.
Personally, I like the minimalist look. Wide open,kitty-friendly spaces with few knick-knacks to knick & knock over, And it's hard to recreate fall when you're surrounded by palm trees and it's 85 degrees out. I give her credit for trying, though.And walking on the table is like taking a stroll through my own private pumpkin patch.There's just so much of it..
Heavens, here comes the Halloween stuff. Wake me when it's safe to move again.