Thursday, October 30, 2008

Migraine Woes

Right now my mommy is recovering from a migraine. This is her second bad headache in less than a week. I try to help out when she isn't feeling well by cuddling with her and purring. No human can resist a warm purring kitty.
I stay next to her and telepathically calm her." Whatever is bothering you is unimportant compared to the furry love being shown by the creature next to you. The Halloween party at your job, that you really wants to go to, isn't for hours yet. You'll make it. Give the medicine time to work. You just need to breathe deeply. Smell the sweet aroma of my fur. Your eyes are getting heavy. What you're stressing about doesn't matter. Love me,pet me. I'm what's important. I'm here for you. Take a nap. That's better."
"Oh, and when you wake up, feeling much better, you'll get off your ass and feed me!!!!"

Friday, October 24, 2008

I Got My Litter Back!

It took two weeks and it was rough, but I got my litter back. My beautiful gray,blue and white gravel is sitting in my box just waiting for me to pee in, play with and scatter all over the house.

I knew Mommy wasn't happy with how long the clumping stuff was lasting, so I bided my time. When I saw that the container was getting empty I took a crap on the living room floor! It took awhile but it was an impressive pile. My bunghole hurts just thinking about it. Mommy took one look and shrieked louder than the guinea pig.

My beloved gravel was back the next day.....

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Very Upset

I think of myself as an easy-going fellow. I'm slow to anger and always willing to reward the humans with a headbutt or purr. I don't claw the furniture (much), I don't eat Granny's plants and I'm a good brother to the guinea pig.Yet how does Mommy reward this behavior ? She chang-chan - changed my litter!!
She took away my blue, white and gray gravel and replaced it with SAND. I know I track litter all over the place. I know I'm a diabetic cat with a very large bladder. I know the clumping litter is more economical. But if I wanted to pee in sand I'd go outside and irrigate Florida!!!
This situation simply must not continue. If he humans can demand soft and fluffy toilet paper than I can demand my old potty gravel back.
If my litter isn't returned to me then I'll have to do somthing drastic on the carpets.....

Monday, October 06, 2008

We're Back!!

We're back. Mommy got burned out from blogging, so we took a break. But we're ready to share our lives with everyone again.
Yesterday Mommy went to an Indian festival. Some people from India live in our apartment complex. I was worried that she would come back wearing a sari with a red dot on her forehead and a henna tatoo on her hand. Granny told me that Iwas being silly. She was right. Mommy looked like Mommy when she came home. She worked at the festival, handing out information on what materials on India could be found at the library. Her work was well-received so she was happy. She brought home a book, some shiny pamphlets that are fun to lay on, a mandala keychain and some chutney. She smelled like chicken and spices, but she didn't bring me home any of that. Oh well.
Today Mommy is at work. I'm in the window, watching my birds. When she comes home I want to check out that chutney stuff.