Monday, March 26, 2007


I'm still trying to work the stair thingy. Mommy is my own personal elevator. She picks me up and puts me on her bed. I like that. Only if I jump down and later want to jump back up she wants me to use the stair thingy. I like to meow pitifully near her bed till she rescues me. It would be nice to stretch out there when she's not home, though. I love her bed. So I better try to master the stair thingy.

Monday, March 19, 2007

March Madness

Well, we made it through St. Patrick's Day without any fashion humiliations. Okay, so she put a plastic hat on me and Midi wore a green bow, but compared with holidays past, we got off easy.
I'm still trying to master the stair thingy. Whenever I go down the people applaud, so it must be a good thing.I'm still working on up, though. I'm a mature gentleman and I weigh twenty pounds (don't feel bad Grr- big kitties are squishier}. It's embarrassing to try to jump on the bed and miss.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Muffin & Mom

Mommy bought me this stair thing so I can get into her chair and onto the beds easier. When I get off I don't have to jump down. I can just walk down. Only thing, I can"t quite get the up part. Down is fine. Up is still a little scary. I tried to jump on her bed and missed, though.

I'm trying to blog a little myself. I love books and recently finished two of which I'd recommend. The first was called The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud by Julia Navarro. It was an intricate story of two secret brotherhoods, one of which had been trying for centuries to steal the Shroud of Turin, the other to defend it.
The story flashed back in time to the Knights Templar and various historical figures,then returned to the present, as Italian police tried to find the organizations and stop them.
The second book was The Orchid Shroud by Michelle Wan. It too was a mystery. She combined a dead infant found in the walls of an ancient chateau, werewolves and an unclassified species of orchid and anaged to tie them all together in a reasonable manner.
Set in the Dourdogne, Wan's book also gave me the opportunity to brush up on my French phrases.
I also watch television. Am I the only one who was glad to see Rob & Amber get bounced from the Amazing Race?
Hope to here from more humans soo.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Resting Up

I was exhausted after my labors and needed several long naps to recover. My last nap was interrupted by the Big Sucking Monster. Grampy always tells me that i won"t eat me, but I'm not so sure. It looks like one of those scary monsters in in the movie Jurassic Park. If those monsters could open wide enough to eat a human than this one could eat a cat!!
I hope Mittens is feeling better. Blogger sometimes won't let me post on her web site. Sometimes it won't let me post on my own.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I helped Mommy clean today. She was glad of the help. She says I think litter is a verb. I don"t know how it gets tracked all over the house. I supervised her cleaning it up, though.
I also sat my booty on all the papers she piled up, burrowed in the dirty laundry and knocked over my bag of Meow Mix. Wasn't I helpful?