Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More News from Raja

Hi ! I thought I'd continue the story of my first days in my new ((sigh)) home. Ths is what I wrote in my journal:
The Lady is a messy housekeeper. This is a fun place, though. There are boxes to climb on and cupboards to climb into. I can race all around the place and it's okay!! And there are nice sliding glass doors to birdwatch out of. A few days ago I snuck out, but the Lady didn't get mad. I always allowed out before at my other houses. I know how to take care of myself.
I climbed the crepe myrtle tree in our yard. It was pretty bare of leaves, so I could survey my kingdom. I also was admired by the neighbors. A girl likes to hear nice things about her appearence. One lady even snuck me some food.
The Lady is real nice, even though she wishes I wouldn't go out so much. She pets me all the time and I purr. I love to purr. I think of her as Mommy, but I haven't got the nerve to call her that yet. I think I'm going to like it here.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Message for Muffin


Mommy loves you and misses you so much. You have my whole heart and always will. Please don't be upset about Raja. Midi and I were lonely without you and Granny. I decided to give a needy cat a home. She'll never replace you. I like having a cat to take care of, that's all. This is still your blog. I may change the name slightly, but that's all. I'm still going to post about you, my

big cuddly boy.



Sunday, April 05, 2009

Raja Speaks!!!

Hi efurryone. My name is Raja and I'm living with the Lady, Tracy, and the fluffy rodent, Midi. I hope people will read my blog like they read Muffn's. I know I have big paws to fill.
I came to live with the Lady about six weeks ago. I was in my cage ((shudder)) at the local animal shelter when a sad-looking lady with a blue cat carrier came in. I was a little surprised when the tech came and got me. I'd heard the lady asking about orange males and I'm a black and tan tabby with big green eyes. And I am most definately female. But I was carried to another room and dumped on a cold metal table. The lady petted me and I wanted a home so badly that I tried to crawl into the carrier! The tech picked me up and took me back to my cage (sob). They brought in Millie, another tabby who is a shameless flirt. I figued it was all over for me.
Then the next day the sad lady came back!!!! This time I was immediately put into the carrier. She gave the tech twenty-five green papers and we were out the door!!! I was so excited. The Lady and I rode a long retangular metal monster home. She said it was called a bus. The movement was quite soothing. Then we walked the rest of the way. That was bumpy as the Lady had me, a bag of food and a bag of litter to contend with. I was glad when we reached our destination- HOME.
I was s excited thatI raced all over the place, tail in the air, for the first two days. I only stopped long enough to knead the Lady and purr. I'm so happy to belong to someone again.
Until next time,