Saturday, July 25, 2009

Things Heard Around The House :

Hi! First of all , Mommy and I want to thank everyone for their concern. She's doing better. It's just hard for her, losing her mother and Muffy. I can understand that. I'm on my third hooman. It hurts to lose ones that you love. That's why I want to keep this one. Besides, she gives good scritches.

Anyway, here are five things heard around my house last week:

- "Raja, bugs aren't toys. Stop bringing them into the house to play with."

-"Who knocked over the tv antenna?"

-"These plastic bags were neatly stacked on the kitchen floor. Now they're all over the place.
Care to explain ?"

- "Midi, must you kick woodchips all over the place?"

- "Raja, plese get your tail out of my plate."

Take care,

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nighttime Thoughts

Tracy: July 1 was the six month anniversary of my mother's death. It's been rough, but I've managed, with the help of friends, co-workers, my pets and God, to survive. No matter what the future holds, that has to count for something, right?

Raja: Well at least she's not crying or pacing. I wish Mommy would go to sleep so I could do my nighttime routine: stroll along the back of the couch, manicure my claws on the carpet, drink out of the toilet bowl, nap in the bath tub, then jump on her to get petted.

Midi: I don't like i t when Mommy is sad. We cuddle and that makes her feel better. When I have to sleep in my cage I play with my water bottle, dump my pellet dish, kick wood chips ll ve the floor, and if I'm really bored, or the cat is getting too much attention, I shriek!!

Muffin: Used to cuddle; sit in front of the sliding glass doors and meow at the lizards and frogs;
and take a stroll across the coffee table. In the morning we'd find stuff awry and foootprints all over the formica.