Monday, September 22, 2008

We're Glad Ike is Over

We haven't been around much lately. We're glad everyone made it through hurricane Ike. The Sherwoods got their electricity back and Hendrix and family survived the storm that hit Cincinnati. Who would have thought that a hurricane could strike Ohio? I hear Bendrix enjoyed the power outage, though. He wasn't going to a miss the chance to scratch the carpets.
A couple of people asked about sterno. Sterno is our friend. It's like candle wax and comes in different sized cans.Some of the cans are small like FancyFeast and others look like two large cans of tuna placed one on top of the other. Sterno can be found in hardware, camping, sporting goods and restaurant supply stores. Some grocery stores carry it in the aisle with the matches and charcoal. The bigger the sterno Sterno is can, the longer it burns. Sterno is what restaurants put under chafing dishes at buffets to keep the hot food hot. It works.
Hurricanes in general are a nusance. To all who suffered, we feel your pain. All we can do is pray that the rest of the season is a quiet one.
Till next time, Muffy

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurricane Hints

We interrupt this blog to offer advice to those of our friends undergoing a hurricane or other significant weather event:

  • To heat water and food build a sterno stove. Take a can of sterno, which is what people use to heat chafing dishes at buffets. Take two equal- sized coffee mugs and turn them upside down one on either side of the sterno. Then take the grill from a toaster oven or hibatchi and place it on top of the mugs. It should make a bridge over the sterno. Then follow the lighting directions on the can of sterno.
  • My humans heat water for coffee, tea and soup and cook Chef Boyardi crap over the sterno. Other things that can be heated over it include baby formula, Dinty Moore beef stew,corned beef hash, and Pop Tarts
  • Be sure to buy bottled water or fill jugs with tap water prior to the storm. That's in case the water gets contaminated and you can't drink it.
  • Tuna fish is good warm and right out of the can. Be sure to share with the feline family members.
  • Stock up on flashlights and batteries beforehand. You won't find any in the stores once the storm hits.
  • Some people use bags of kitty litter to stop minor water seepage. This is bad news for us kitties. Stock up on litter or we may create our own indoor flooding.
  • If you do have to evacuate, don't forget to take the kitties.
  • Pry and purr. The people get a little frantic during thse storms.

Purrs, Muffin

Friday, September 05, 2008

Gotcha Day Update

For Petey ,Stormie and Texas. Cure lymphoma now !!!!
I'm very lucky. I was able to celebrate another Gotcha Day. I think of my friends who weren't as
fortunate. I memory of Petey, Stormie and Texas, and in honor of my mommy, who s a lymphoma survivor, I pledge to contribute to the fight against cancer. I'll be sharing a plan on my blog soon.
Except for the feather boa and pointy hat that Mommy made me wear, my Gotcha Day was great. Mommy made cupcakes for the humans and gave me a can of Fancy Feast with a candle in it. I also got nip, toys and a mylar balloon to watch. I felt very loved.
Till next time,