Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Guinea Pig Speaks

Hi effuryone. First of all we want to thank everyone for their posts on Muffin's Gotcha Day. Mommy read them and her eyes got all leaky. She misses Muffy so much. So do I.

I want to respond to a few things Raja (aka Princess Kitty) said about me in her next-to-last post. First of all, I do so know what a movie is. Mommy and I watch them all the time. Raja could too, if she wasn't out catting around. Second, Ms. Pukey-Wookie can't blame me if she hurls. Instead of taking a gentle nibble of kibble she wolfs down the whole bowl. At least one a week she throws it back up. Then she re-eats it. Disgusting.

Finally, I think she's just jealous that Mommy holds me. Mommy would hold her too, but she hates being picked up. Mommy thinks this is because someone picked her up,shoved her into a carrier and dumped her at the shelter. Mmmy is being very patient with her. She's an affectinate cat, but traumatized, blah,blah, blah.Hey, we all have our hang-ups.
Thank you for listening.

Squeak,squeak, purrr.