Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two Poems

My allergies are better. I'm almost done with the yucky medicine and the air here is clear again, so we can sit outside on the porch. Mommy just joined this group whose members write a poem or haiku once a week. She found out about it from Gandalf & Grayson's mom. Since she refers to herself as a member of Crappy Poets Anonymous this should be interesting. She's mainly doing it to improve her eye for detail. Here's her first effort:

A Reflection on My Cat

A shaft of sunlight
slashes through the
venetian blinds.
A pool of yellow light
rests upon the hardwood

My fat orange cat
waddles into the circle of
yellow. He curls in to a ball,
scrunches his eyes shut and purrs.

Common light becomes special
when enveloping
a loved one.

Here's my first effort:

I sneezed twelve times in a row.
The Man thought it was funny.

I wiped snot all over his shoe.
Who's laughing now?
Purrs, Muffy

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Serial Sneezer Strikes Again

Achoo! My allegies are acting up. I'm congested and get these sneezing fits. I'll sneeze ten times in a row. My eyes get all watery and my poor little nose gets sore. This happens every year at this time. Mommy took me to the V-E-T. He stole some of my blood, stabbed me, and gave me some yucky medicine to take. I hate taking medicine.
I've been napping a lot. Mommy and Granny have been fussing over me. Today Mommy called from work to talk to me and Granny snuck me some treats. Mommy didn't even get mad when I sneezed a bunch, then wiped my nose on her blouse. I know I'll feel better in a day or two.
Unti lthen, take care.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Not-Quite-Thirteen

A few projects my mommy is working on :

1. Her writing project on the Pilgrims. After a lengthy hiatus she's back on the job. She' s found
new sources of information, which always makes her happy.
2. Her genealogy research. Right now she's concentrating on her great-great grandfather,
Lazar Loeb. He settled in Mississippi before the Civil War. She's finding new info and really
enjoying it, too.
3. She's crocheting me a new blanket. A kitty can never have enough blankies.
4. Vacuuming. Someone tracks litter all over the house.
5. Going through her books and getting rid of some. Ouch!
6. Cleaning the house. I try to be as much help as possible.
7. Cleaning the porch. We haven't been able to do this as the smoke from the wild fires has
made the air smell bad.
8. My six word meme from Hendrix:

Feed Me.
Pet me.
Love me.

Purrs, Muffy

Friday, May 09, 2008

Springtime in Florida

We don't have too many seasonal variations here in south Florida. It was 80 dgrees in Febrauary and it's 89 degrees out now. The flowers are blooming again and that means birds, bees and butterflies. I like to curl up on my porch and watch the show. One of the best things about spring is the lizard babies. There were several onthe porch. They like the bugs, too. One of them ate a big fat juicy caterpillar. He was so excite about his meal that he forgot to be cautious.Then I ate him.....M-mm, good.
Happy Mother's Day to all the mommys out there.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Mad Mancat

Meow! That's what I've been saying to Mommy all weekend. Meow as in " Hello" and meow as in "Goodbye". On Friday she worked, then went out to this music fest. On Saturday she worked at the music fest. On Sunday she worked at the library and today she worked all day too. I'm feeling very neglected. I want some pets, some scritches, some treats. I've spent quality time curled up on the couch next to Granny, but it's not the same. I want my Mommy and I want her now!!!