Saturday, June 05, 2010

Oops, I Did It Again!

Hi Efurryone. It's me, Raja. Today Mommy was at work and I was sitting in my window.
Sometimes,when the birdwatching gets boring, instead of jumping straight down, I like to jump over the moving picture box. It gets the blood moving. Well, this time my take-off was faulty and I knocked down the antenna. It wasn't the digital converter box: Mommy has that duct-taped to the top of the set. What I knocked down was the square box with the real long metal rods sticking out. For some reason Mommy calls them bunny ears.
I tried to put everythng back together. I grabbed one metal rod with my mouth and tried to drag the thing back in place. I tried to stetch and put it on top of the box,but it was too heavy. I needed another cat to help. The antenna is closer to the moving picture box than it was. Maybe Mommy will think it just fell over. I can't blame the piggie; she was in her cage.

Do you think Mommy will know what I did?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Muffin Memory & Raja Reality

Hi! It's me, Midi. I want to share my observations on kitty sleeping patterns:

Muffin had his own bed. It was in the living room, so he could see and hear everything going on. When he wanted privacy he'd curl up in the closet or on one of the people's beds. He loved sleeping with the humans. At night he had a routine. He'd get up two or three times to patrol the house. Once he made sure everything was okay he'd get a drink,take a nibble of kibble, meow out the window,then find another place to sleep.

Raja has her own bed, too,but she never sleeps in it. Instead she curls up on the couch, on Mommy's chair or on the carpet. And she never stays in one spot more than an hour. All night long she moves. What is the point of movng three feet away on the same rug? She loves sleeping on piles of papers, too. After awhile she moves to a new stack. Then it's back to a new spot on the rug. Then she has to show her tri-colored tummy to the world. The it's into bed with Mommy.

I find these different feline behaviors quite perplexing. Muffy kept us all safe. I keep an eye on things now. Raja is just a serial sleeper. Right now she's snzing under my cage. it's time t kick some wood chips on Sleeping Beauty. Then I'll shriek loudly and get Mommy to take me into her bed. Hee-hee.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Furry Strange Weather in Florida

We're having some very stange weather in Florida. For the last two months temperatures have been in the 40s and 50s instead of the usual 70s and 80s.
I's not to rough on me; I have a full-length fur coat. But Mommy has heath problems and the weather has made her feel worse. She grew up in a place called Connecticut,where the weather was even colder and they had snow. But she's been down here so long that her body isn't used to the cold anymore.

Our house doesn't have a furnace, so Mommy bought a space heater and an electric blankie.I love that blankie. Mommy and I cuddle under it all the time. Midi isn't allowed on it, either. It's just ours.( Mommy says that's because she might pee on the blankie and electrcute us all.She has a fleece-lined sack in her cage and is furry warm.)

Yesterday it hailed. It souded like tiny pebbles were hitting the window panes. I didn't like it at all. Neither did the rodent. She ran into her sack and I crawled under the couch. After awhile the noise stopped. Mommy went out to look for souvenirs but it had all melted.

That's all for now.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

R.I.P. Hallie

We want to express our deepset sympathy to the family of Halloween the Cat. She was a close friend of Muffin's. May they be together at the Rainbw Bridge.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Raja Went for a Swim

Hi! It's me, Midi, here. Mommy's biological father was down for a visit, so she's been very busy. He took her out to dinner lots. Some of the places they went to had salad bars. She always brought me back leftovers. Yum. The Visitor petted me,talked to me and gave me scritches. I liked him.

Raja didn't. He's a large person and she was leery of him. She's real protective. This is HER house. Visitors have to be introduced to HER. She gave him the "Who are you? " look. She wouldn't let him near her. Plus she doesn't like to share Mommy. There was a whole lot of hissing going on. It was almost as funny as watching Muffy and The Man. (Incidentally, The Man still comes around and Raja doesn't like him, either.)

The payoff came when the Visitor used the human litter box . He left the seat up. Raja didn't look; she just jumped up on the porcelain bowl to get a drink. And she fell in!!! It was so funny. She got a face full of water. Boy did she yoowl.

Mommy picked her up, rinsed her off and cuddled her for awhile. Raja milked that..
Then Mommy told the Visitor to be more careful. She was very upset. Iwasn't.TEE-HEE.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi Efurryone,
Happy New Year. I can't beleve it's 2010. The last year seemed to just fly by. I started the new year with some swell toys, thanks to my Secret Paws pal, Tigger in Florida. I got a nip pillow, a mousie, a wand with a mousie on it to chase, and some treats. Thank you Tigger.

I also got a nice new kitty bed from Mommy. I guess that means I'm here to stay. I'm glad. My new bed is very warm and cuddly. Since we're havng colder weather here
Mommy crocheted Midi and I little afghans so we'd be warm. The space heater helps too. Besides, I have a full-length fur coat-

-HULLO. This is Midi. I'm glad Raja liked her toys. But yesterday was the first anniverary of Granny's death. Mommy was furry sad. Granny was a nice lady. She always held me,petted me and talked to me. I miss her a lot. She's a lot more important than Raja's ramblings-

-Knock it off, Rodent. This is MY blog.

-Shut up ,Cat or I'll tell efurryone how you tried to headbutt the bush and only gave yourself a sore head...

-Shut up,Rodent.
-Same here, Fleabag.

HAPPY 2010