Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hi! Raja here.Hope efurryone made it through meenie Ireenie okay.I don't like hurrycanes,but here in Floorida we get them a lot.It rains hard,the wind shrieks,thunderboomies roll and lightning flashes. It's like a Garth Brooks song.Glass is shattered,trees are uprooted and branches go flying everywhere. Sometimes the streets all fill with water-yuck. The people get frantic. The safest place to be is under the couch.
But Ireenie is over and I have some good news. I addition to my blog Mommy is letting me comment on hers.I'm going to be a product evaluator. Her blog is ><. She recommends products,freebies,downloads and even does book reviews.And I get to talk about stuff. Not just cat stuff,but people stuff, too. I'm so excited. Come visit us in a couple of days.

We're using the library computer because ours is broken.
Take care,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We're Furry Sad

Raja here.We're furry sad about he loss of two of our furrends. Kismet pssed away and Miss Peach joined him at the Bridge. They will be missed. We send oour deepest sympathies to their families.
Then Miss Paula, Praline's mommy, was supposed to adopt two kittens. But one of them, Beignet , was diagnsed with cancer. He won't be going home with his sister. We wish him, Miss Paula, and Taffy well.
We're probably going to get part of a hurrycane here. It'll just be wind and rain. I don't like hurrycanes. But Mommy tells me she'll keep us safe. The mutant rodent
thinks it's funny that I'm scared. She says we're not getting the brunt of the storm.
I don't care. I plan to spend Thursday and Friday under the couch. See you then.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Get Well Wishes

We want to send get well wishes to the Grande Dame of kitty blogging, Miss Peach. She's been feeling poorly. We also want to say get well soon to ML, KC's mom, who has a hand injury due to an unfortunate encounter with Missy Blue Eyes. Feel better soon. We'r purraying for you.


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

We're back

Hi Efurryone. Raja here. We're back blogging. Mommy was developing a blog of her own, so she neglecte mine. But she says we'll be posting again. Good, because I want to tell you about my new furry brudder. His name is Panda. He's a tuxie. His body is white wih black spots. The lower half of his head is white, and the upper half and his ears are black. He has a black tail. I suppose he's a good-looking cat.
We met when he very politely asked if he could share my territory. I said, "Okay and I'll even get you food, but stay away from my human." He didn't listen. First he caressd her leg with his whiskers. Then he nudged her with his little pink nose. Then it was headbutts and rubbing against her.The next thing I knew, she was cradling
his head in her hand and cooing,"How's my Pandy Man?" BLECH!
I suppose he's a okay guy. Panda is a cute name. It's better than Holstein.And he knows that I am the Queen and must be obeyed.
That's all for now.