Thursday, November 03, 2011

Dog Update

Hi Efurryone. Raja here. We got the official word from Animal Care & Control: the pit bull that killed Ivory is dead. He was put down and his owners were fined.Mommy feels like justice was done. We kitties are just glad that the neighborhood is safe again.
We're still under curfew, though, as Mommy doesn't trust the kids and the remaining dog. Plus she kept us in on Halloween. I didn't really mind that. It rained heavily so we didn't get many trick or treaters.I hate people banging on the door. Mommy celebrated Halloween at work. They had a party and she dressed up.She wore a black sweatshirt,black pants and black boots. Her sweatshirt originally belonged to Granny. It had a white cat sitting in front of a pyramid of pumpkins printed on the front. She also wore a witch's hat, jack o'lantern earrings and a Halloween bracelet. She carried an orange plastic pumpkin full of candy. She really looked cute....
The Halloween decorations are still up (sigh). I've invented a new game. It's called bowling with pumpkins. Those fake veggies roll nicely when headbutted or hit with a paw.Mommy gets to come home to a newly redecorated house every day. I don't know why she isn't happier about it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sad News

We've been really sad here. One of the foster kittens, Ivory, was killed by a pit bull on October 13. Two boys were walking the dogs off-leash. They let them run into our side yard. One dog went straight for Ivory. One of the boys had to beat the dog tmake him let go. Ivory died two hours later of massive internal injuries. She was only ten weeks old.
Mommy called the police. The officer that came told us that this was the second cat killing in two weeks by that same set of dogs. Mommy found out where they lived and called Animal Care & Control. She submitted an affadavit and is planning to take legal action. It won't bring ivory, my little Siamese sister back, though.
We'll let you know what happens.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Autumnal Aspirations

Hi Efurryone. Here in Florida we decoarate for fall. Mommy has decorated the house with Indian corn,wheat sheaves,gourds,fake leaves, a scarecrow and pumpkins. Oh do we have pumpokins. She has ornage pimpkins,white pumpkins,green pimpkins,black pumpkins and even a purple pumpkin. They are made of china,cloth,ceramics and plastic. She has groupings of them on the dining room table,on a window sill, even on top of the refrigerator. I feel like I'm drowning in pumpkins. And that's not counting the Halloween stuff.
Personally, I like the minimalist look. Wide open,kitty-friendly spaces with few knick-knacks to knick & knock over, And it's hard to recreate fall when you're surrounded by palm trees and it's 85 degrees out. I give her credit for trying, though.And walking on the table is like taking a stroll through my own private pumpkin patch.There's just so much of it..
Heavens, here comes the Halloween stuff. Wake me when it's safe to move again.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fire in the Kitchen

Last Sunday a furry scary thing happened. Our water heater caught on fire. Mommy called the fire department, grabbed Midi and shooed us all out of the house. Then the firefighters arrived on a big red truck with sirens and red and blue flashing lights.. There were four of them. They wore shiny helmets and glowing yellow jackets.They looked like creatures from outer space On each of their backs they wore a silver cylinder. One of them sprayed white foamy stuff all over our water heater and made the flames go away. Then they brought fans to clear the smoke and smell. After that they tested the air to see if it was safe to go back in.
I watched from under a bush til the truck left. It was huge and noisy. When Mommy called we all went back in. One of the firefighters, a woman, hated cats. The other guys had teased her about it.But Mommy told her she was glad she had cats. When the heater caught on fire there was a boom and a sizzle. She thought one of us knocked something over in the kitchen and went to investigate. If she hadn't we all could have been hurt by the flames or made sick by the smoke. And she thought it wsas funny that someone who would run into a burning building was freaked out by a bunch of kitties.
We're all okay now. We had a new water heater installed today. Mommy stil lis jumpy. Every time she hears a noise in the kitchen she runs to investigate.And she feels bad that the firefighters saw her messy house.
What a way to end the old year...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cat Scratch Fever

Hi! Midi here. We're back. Mommy got a used computer. It's really nice.
Hopefully we'll be able to post more often. Righjt now we just want to say how sorry we are that Mary Catherine Davis, Beau's Mommt is no longer with us. We hope Beau finds a good home with a fellow cat blogger so we can know how he's doing. It's hard when humans go away. I still really miss Granny & Grampy.
We also want to send prayers and get well wishes to ML. Cat bites can be really serious injuries. Granny once got attacked by a stray cat and came down with cat scratch fever. She wound up in the emergency room. Muffin felt really bad because the stray cat was terrorizing him through the glass door and Granny had gone out to chase it away. Granny didn't blame him, though. We hope ML improves on the new medicine and doesn't need an operation.
Wheek! Wheek!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hi! Raja here.Hope efurryone made it through meenie Ireenie okay.I don't like hurrycanes,but here in Floorida we get them a lot.It rains hard,the wind shrieks,thunderboomies roll and lightning flashes. It's like a Garth Brooks song.Glass is shattered,trees are uprooted and branches go flying everywhere. Sometimes the streets all fill with water-yuck. The people get frantic. The safest place to be is under the couch.
But Ireenie is over and I have some good news. I addition to my blog Mommy is letting me comment on hers.I'm going to be a product evaluator. Her blog is ><. She recommends products,freebies,downloads and even does book reviews.And I get to talk about stuff. Not just cat stuff,but people stuff, too. I'm so excited. Come visit us in a couple of days.

We're using the library computer because ours is broken.
Take care,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We're Furry Sad

Raja here.We're furry sad about he loss of two of our furrends. Kismet pssed away and Miss Peach joined him at the Bridge. They will be missed. We send oour deepest sympathies to their families.
Then Miss Paula, Praline's mommy, was supposed to adopt two kittens. But one of them, Beignet , was diagnsed with cancer. He won't be going home with his sister. We wish him, Miss Paula, and Taffy well.
We're probably going to get part of a hurrycane here. It'll just be wind and rain. I don't like hurrycanes. But Mommy tells me she'll keep us safe. The mutant rodent
thinks it's funny that I'm scared. She says we're not getting the brunt of the storm.
I don't care. I plan to spend Thursday and Friday under the couch. See you then.