Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My First Photo & Gotcha Day

Here is a photo of me. It's small and blurry, but you can see how handsome I am. Also Saturday is my Gotcha Day. Stop by and say hello!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay and Onyx the Miracle Mare

Well, we survived tropical storm Fay. We were lucky. We got wind and heavy rain,which resulted in minor street flooding. We also had several tornados Monday night. One of them hit in Wellington, only 15 minutes from where we live. The tornado hit an equestrian complex. It blew away a sheet metal barn and damaged other buildings and nearby houses.
Incredibly, there was a horsie, Onyx, in the barn that was destroyed and she escaped without a scratch. The humans found her amidst the rubble, standing in her intact stall, patiently waiting for someone to come get her. God was truly looking out for her. There were two horsies in another barn. They got loose but they didn't like being out in that mess and were easily rounded up.
The people in Port St. Lucie got it really bad. They have extensive flooding and many homes are damaged. Please keep them in your purrayers.
I'm glad the storm is over The wind and the rain were scary but I was a good guard cat and protected my humans. Thank you all for your purrayers and concern.
Purrs Muffy

Saturday, August 16, 2008


We want toextend our deepest condolences to the family of Violette Noelle. She left us far too soon. We also want to express our sympathy to the familes of our friends Neelix and Felix. May they all rest in peace.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Since my mommy is a big fan of the Olympics I decided to award my own gold medals:

-for Terrorizing A Vet- the gold medal goes to Hendix/Bendrix. He hisses,
he claws , he scatches, kicks and bites. The veterinary staff takes one look and
hides. Cats everywhere look to Mr.H. for guidance on How to Make the Vet
Suffer as Much as I Do.

- for Synhronized Peeing - the gold medal goes to BJ ,Sol And Smokey. Mommy ML took
them to the vet in three sepaate carriers. On the way
home they peed simultaneously, aiming out of the carriers. Such talent. Such precision.

- for Ruling Her Household With an Iron Paw- the gold medal goes to Grr. Whether chasing
her fellow felines or alternatively hugging and clawing her humans Grr rules the Chavez
household.We can all learn from her example.

Purrs Muffy

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I Was Attacked by a Garbage Can

Call the police! I was just attacked by a garbage can. I was sitting on the arm of Mommy's chair
and decided to jump down. Her wastebasket fell on top of me. There were wadded up balls of paper that fell all over, sticky candy wrappers that clung to my fur, orange peels and pencil shavings. I got all dusty and dirty and Mommy had to rinse me off. All because of that evil garbage can.
Call me a lawyer. I may sue.