Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Went to the Vet-UGH!!!!!

Yesterday I went to the vet. Here are five ways that I made the trip enjoyable for my Mommy:

1. I yowled all the way there. Hey, how would you like to jammed into a plastic prison box? Not to mention having to endure a trip in the metal monster. It felt like I was held prisoner for hours.

2. Then I refused to come out of my carrier. The vet and Mommy had to drag me out. I knew where I was. I knew they are going to stab me. Why make the process easy ?

3.They stabbed me and took some of my blood. I squirmed and meowed as much as I could. Before that they rubbed alcohol on my paw. I tried to lick it off. Blech!!

4.The vet wanted to see me walk because I've been limping slightly. I preferred to sit down and lick my private parts.

5. On the way home I peed all over the carrier. It's plastic. She'll wash it.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Purring for Purim

Yesterday was Purim. It commemorates Queen Esther's saving the Jews of Persia. It is not, contrary to Sen. John McCain's belief, a Jewish Halloween. Some people do dress up and parties are held, but the holiday is a celebration of survival. We all survived Mommy's attempt at baking.
The baked foods served include hamentaschen, pasties stuffed with raisins and jelly and shaped like tri-cornered hats. Every year Mommy attempts to make them and every year they come out wrong. This time they were more like isoceles triangles. She used roll-out dough but just couldn't shape them right. At least this year she didn't set off the smoke detector. The little hats were tasty, though and I learned some new swear words while snoopervising her.
Oh, Mommy's keys are back home. Some honest person turned them into the bus driver. She just had to go down to headquarters and claim them.

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Blues

Happy St. Patrick's day. It wasn't for Mommy. She went to an Irish music festival downtown. She had a good time until some guy bumped into her and spilled beer down her pants. Then she lost her keys for real. She thinks she left them on the bus. We'll know tomorrow. She was so upset she had a panic attack. Then when she got home Granny yelled at her for leaving her alone. Then they had a fight over the keys. Now they are not speaking......
Oh, Mommy stuck me in a shamrock scarf and took pictures.UGH!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

Whenever Mommy leaves the house to hunt or shop I get nervous. She tells me that the bad man who did the shooting is dead. But there are other bad men who do similar things. One dies and another takes his place. I don't like this. Humans can be so hateful.
Mommy tells me not to worry. She's been struggling with migraines, though. I think part of it's due to the shooting and part is because she misses her father and the Man. I don't miss the Man,
even though his pants were good to sharpen my claws on.
I try to be a good kitty. Hopefully Mommy will feel better soon. Until then we'll be cuddling a lot.
Take care.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gunfire at Wendy's

A terrible thing happened here yesterday. A man dressed in a business suit and baseball cap entered a Wendy's restaurant, pulled out a gun and started shooting. By the time he was through one man was dead and four people were wounded. The murdered man, Ray Vazquez, was a Royal Palm Beach firefighter. In town for a training seminar, he seized the chance to have lunch with his wife and their four year old son. He was at the counter, exchanging a toy that came in hs son's kiddie meal, when he was shot at point blank rage.

The four people wounded were an elderly couple, a teenage girl and a visiting airline pilot. The girl's mother was injured in the subsequent stampede. The killer shot himself after fumbling for more ammunition. Medical helicopters rushed the injured to local medical centers. They're expected to survive.

We're sickened by this. It's soo, so sad.