Monday, July 28, 2008

MadCat Monday

I am mad. Mommy and Granny went out to breakfast at McDonald's and they didn't bring me anything. Aren't I a part of this family? Don't I get to sample what they eat? Then they went shopping for two hours.That's almost all day. I was stuck in the house with the guinea pig. Okay,
so cats aren't allowed in the stores. And I don't like to go to strange places. But they still left me
alone. I want to be compensated. I want some extra treats.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cold Box Meme

Hi! Mommy's still sad about Maria's death. We apreciate everyone's condolences. So does her family. They think kitty blogging is cute.
I got tagged for the Cold Box Meme by my good buddy, Castle. Our cold box is covered with magnets. Mommy collects them. We have other metal doors in the house and they have magnets on them too. This tends to annoy Granny. On the cold box are the following:
4 orange kitty magnets
1 black & white cat
1 shark
1 tropical fish
1 of Renoir's painting, Luncheon of the Boating Party
1 Gone With the Wind movie poster
1 Coca-cola polar bear
1 of a raccoon family
1 camel (Mommy's college's mascot)
magnets from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, New York City, Vermont and Foxwoods Casino.
1 magnet from Penticton, BC
1 magnet shaped like a bunch of grapes that Granny hates.
1 clip holding coupons

Inside the cold box are milk and my stinky goodness. Yum yum.
Purrs, Muffy

Friday, July 11, 2008

We Miss You, Maria

We're furry sad. Mommy's friend Maria passed away suddenly. She was only in her mid-forties.
Maria was smart, funny and pretty. She was good at her job, was involved in a stable relationship, and was loved by many people. She also gave great scritches. We feel terrible about her death. To celebrate her life, lets hug those we hold dear.((HUG))

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fifth of July

I hope eveyone had a happy 4th of July. Mommy had a migraine, so instead of going out she stayed home with me and watched the fireworks on tv. I was happy because towns in three directions were letting off boomies and I really didn't like the noise. Plus our moron neighbors were letting fireworks off all night long. The worst were the high-pitched whiny ones that went on forever. They hurt my ears and caused al the woofies in the complex to start barking. I was happy to cuddle with Mommy. She wasn't too upset about staying home because a few days ago she'd gone to the early fireworks in Delray Beach.
Today it's yucky out so she's cleaning and doing laundry. I head someting about a bath. I hope she isn't planning one for me!!!