Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas

Hi! Merry Christmas ! My family used to put up a very nice tree. It had musical lights, blinking lights, shiny garlands and lots of balls hung all over. I used to lay under it all the time. Okay, so there was one long hanging ornament that I used to thwack with my tail. And occasionally I'd swat at the balls on the lower branches. But I loved that tree. It brought the outdoors indoors.
Now they put up this stupid three foot high bush. What a waste. It goes on top of this table, so I can't crawl under it. It has lights and smaller balls and isn't nearly as pretty.
The bush was sitting on the floor todat. So I headbutted it. I didn't know the stupid thing was going to fall over. Nothing broke. I don"t know why everyone was so upset.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Hi! Mommy and Granny went shopping yesterday. They brought home lots of bags for me to look in. Mommy bought a blue shirt with green leaves on it. Since blue and green are my favorite colors I went and laid on it. It sure was comfortable.
Mommy is very busy at work, so I'll close for now.