Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Muffin Memory & Raja Reality

Hi! It's me, Midi. I want to share my observations on kitty sleeping patterns:

Muffin had his own bed. It was in the living room, so he could see and hear everything going on. When he wanted privacy he'd curl up in the closet or on one of the people's beds. He loved sleeping with the humans. At night he had a routine. He'd get up two or three times to patrol the house. Once he made sure everything was okay he'd get a drink,take a nibble of kibble, meow out the window,then find another place to sleep.

Raja has her own bed, too,but she never sleeps in it. Instead she curls up on the couch, on Mommy's chair or on the carpet. And she never stays in one spot more than an hour. All night long she moves. What is the point of movng three feet away on the same rug? She loves sleeping on piles of papers, too. After awhile she moves to a new stack. Then it's back to a new spot on the rug. Then she has to show her tri-colored tummy to the world. The it's into bed with Mommy.

I find these different feline behaviors quite perplexing. Muffy kept us all safe. I keep an eye on things now. Raja is just a serial sleeper. Right now she's snzing under my cage. it's time t kick some wood chips on Sleeping Beauty. Then I'll shriek loudly and get Mommy to take me into her bed. Hee-hee.


Angel and Kirby said...

Sleeping habits of cats are funny!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We just saw a whole bunch of photos of cats sleeping in boxes in "uncomfortable" positions.

Sounds like it's interesting around there at night.

Noll's Nip said...

Even in our sleep, we are magical and mystical!

ML said...

Hmmm, I finks effurry cat haf him or her own sleeping habits.
Wif six of us here, we kinda cover it all.
Sol is tha Big Guard Cat. He likes to sleep in tha Living Room and patrols all night long. If anyfing unusual happens, he makes some noise an tha mancats assemble, ready fur action.
I sleeps by mine Daddy Charley or go to a hidey hole (I's not telling where that is).
BJ likes to sleep in tha bathroom, right where him was borned. He patrols some, too.
Missy usually sleeps in a basket by the computer.
Smokey is Momma's Boy, Mom ML, that is. Him sleeps right up against hers. Faith Boomerang usually sleeps on hers other side.
Course, many many nights we's up playing THoE into tha wee hours, that's really tha bestest time.
Fanks fur sharing wif us, I loves to read yours posts.
Love & Purrs,