Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Furry Strange Weather in Florida

We're having some very stange weather in Florida. For the last two months temperatures have been in the 40s and 50s instead of the usual 70s and 80s.
I's not to rough on me; I have a full-length fur coat. But Mommy has heath problems and the weather has made her feel worse. She grew up in a place called Connecticut,where the weather was even colder and they had snow. But she's been down here so long that her body isn't used to the cold anymore.

Our house doesn't have a furnace, so Mommy bought a space heater and an electric blankie.I love that blankie. Mommy and I cuddle under it all the time. Midi isn't allowed on it, either. It's just ours.( Mommy says that's because she might pee on the blankie and electrcute us all.She has a fleece-lined sack in her cage and is furry warm.)

Yesterday it hailed. It souded like tiny pebbles were hitting the window panes. I didn't like it at all. Neither did the rodent. She ran into her sack and I crawled under the couch. After awhile the noise stopped. Mommy went out to look for souvenirs but it had all melted.

That's all for now.



Angel and Kirby said...

We are having weird weather all over! When North Texas gets a foot of snow in one day, that is weird

ML said...

We's in coastal Texas and it's been real cold here, too. We's had snow, which is weird.
And sounds like Florida is getting cold too.
We don't like cold weather either.
Nope, we don't like it at all.
Even wif fur coats.
Mommy didn't even haf a coat, hers had to buy one this year.
We gotted a little heater, too, and we love it. Stay warm.
Love & Purrs,

Mr. Hendrix said...

oh my! that isn't good at all. it has been uber colder than usual up here too. we finally got a spell of warmer weather last week, but now they are saying snow fluries around sunrise tomorrow! yuck!

mmmm and electric blanket. i am jealous of you. i love our space heaters! mommy doesn't turn them on nearly enough.

PS mommy got you a special card she is putting in the mail this weekend. we hope you like it!

Nishant said...

t's been real cold here, too. We's had snow, which is weird.
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