Monday, October 06, 2008

We're Back!!

We're back. Mommy got burned out from blogging, so we took a break. But we're ready to share our lives with everyone again.
Yesterday Mommy went to an Indian festival. Some people from India live in our apartment complex. I was worried that she would come back wearing a sari with a red dot on her forehead and a henna tatoo on her hand. Granny told me that Iwas being silly. She was right. Mommy looked like Mommy when she came home. She worked at the festival, handing out information on what materials on India could be found at the library. Her work was well-received so she was happy. She brought home a book, some shiny pamphlets that are fun to lay on, a mandala keychain and some chutney. She smelled like chicken and spices, but she didn't bring me home any of that. Oh well.
Today Mommy is at work. I'm in the window, watching my birds. When she comes home I want to check out that chutney stuff.


whatloknows said...

welcome back , maw got bloggers brain fog a couple weeks ago too.

enjoy your windows, we all love our open ones here!


Castle said...

welcome back Muffin!

Not been around much myself really - just enough time to make irregular posts, nothing much else though.

My Meowmie often goes to Banglatown and Brick Lane to buy all her Indian foods and spices and stuff - it is so much fun - and they have lovely Indian sweets called 'Barfi' - doesn;t sound nice, but it is! :)

Oh - I got an award for you x