Thursday, October 30, 2008

Migraine Woes

Right now my mommy is recovering from a migraine. This is her second bad headache in less than a week. I try to help out when she isn't feeling well by cuddling with her and purring. No human can resist a warm purring kitty.
I stay next to her and telepathically calm her." Whatever is bothering you is unimportant compared to the furry love being shown by the creature next to you. The Halloween party at your job, that you really wants to go to, isn't for hours yet. You'll make it. Give the medicine time to work. You just need to breathe deeply. Smell the sweet aroma of my fur. Your eyes are getting heavy. What you're stressing about doesn't matter. Love me,pet me. I'm what's important. I'm here for you. Take a nap. That's better."
"Oh, and when you wake up, feeling much better, you'll get off your ass and feed me!!!!"


DaisyMae Maus said...

Feel better, Muffin's momma! Migraines blow in the worst way!

Happy Hallowe'en!
DMM and the Feline Americans

jenianddean said...

Good of you to take care of your mom.

Purring for peace...
--Jasper, Josie, Huggy Bear and Maggie

Southbay Girl said...

Thank you so very much for your kind words!!!!

Kodak, 3 perf, Blossom, Mom Penny and Angel Winton

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Love this, love this, love this.We were all set to ask you to come hypnotize Jan like that to de-stress her and ... boom. get to work, Mom!

lin said...