Friday, September 05, 2008

Gotcha Day Update

For Petey ,Stormie and Texas. Cure lymphoma now !!!!
I'm very lucky. I was able to celebrate another Gotcha Day. I think of my friends who weren't as
fortunate. I memory of Petey, Stormie and Texas, and in honor of my mommy, who s a lymphoma survivor, I pledge to contribute to the fight against cancer. I'll be sharing a plan on my blog soon.
Except for the feather boa and pointy hat that Mommy made me wear, my Gotcha Day was great. Mommy made cupcakes for the humans and gave me a can of Fancy Feast with a candle in it. I also got nip, toys and a mylar balloon to watch. I felt very loved.
Till next time,

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Tybalt said...

I am purring very hard for a cure!