Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dear Mommy,
I had a really nice Fourth of July. I liked the hamburg you brought me from that pool party you went to. I also appreciate the way you came home and watched the fireworks on TV while spending time with me. I'm also glad you let me into your bed when the neighbor's firecrackers got on my nerves/
I really am sorry about the plate with the apple pie on it.The whipped cream looked like it would be fun to play with. I didn't mean to knock the plate over. I also didn't mean to leave whipped cream pawprints all over the carpet. You shouldn't have left it on the coffee table before you went to bed. You know I make nightly patrols to make sure the house is safe.
Oh, and I'm sorry for wiping my whiskers in you hair. That whipped cream was sticky.
Love, Muffin


Sadie said...

Uh oh, Muffin!

but you know, if it's on the coffee table, I think that what happens is to be expected. :)

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

ha ha ha ha snort ha ha ha
it sounds like you had a very eventful Independence Day! ha ha ha
I'm glad the boomies didn't scare you to much and that you got to have mommy snuggle time.

The Crew said...

Muffin, this is clearly not your fault and you have nothing to apologize for! Is it YOUR fault someone decided to eat pie? Is it YOUR fault it had whipped cream on it? Is it YOUR fault they left it on the table? No, no and no.

By the way, I'm taking your advice and will now refer to myself as a "mature gentleman".


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I tagged you for a MeMe! I can't wait to read your answers.

Benjamin Fuzz said...

hi muffin! on the coffee table? absolutely fair game!

tell more about this book!


Katie said...

Oh no! What a lovely letter to your Mummy though, I am sure she will forgive you for the cream paw prints! It's not your fault you are inquisitive and wanted to make sure the house was safe! :)

stitchnwitch403 said...

Thank you Muffin for your condolences on the passing of our dear Mocha. Triller's mommy and I aren't really blood relatives; just very close friends who have never met except online. Thank you again for your kindness.

Blueberry said...

Cats can't do anything wrong even if it has something to do with whipped cream. Not to blame :: infinity ::

Thanks for your comment on Alex. He would have enjoyed some whipped cream too.

lordjaders said...

A gurrrl cat would feel verrry safe having you arrround to make nightly patrrrols. I tend to sleep at least half of the night with my beans. They sharrre MY bed. Yes, I know it is King Sized, but it is MINE. I am just a loving, sharrring gurrrl.