Monday, February 12, 2007

Home Sweet Home

The Man finally went away. Now I have Mommy all to myself. I did put the bitey on the Man before he left. He deserved it. Mommy misses him but Im getting lots of hugs and cuddles. I don't miss him one bit.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we'z finded that lotsa men deeserf the bitey!

you asked 'bout the R.I. kitties:

the black & white fluff is now named Clay and flew to Florida to live wif a nice lady, her husband an anoffur kitty named Taylor - they duzzn't haf a blog yet.

the tabby is now named Jazper and is the shop kitty at Daphne's purrson's gift shop in Michigan. you kin see him at

the little orange fluffy kitten is now Sophie an lives wif Kismet in New York. you kin see her at

one of the older kitties was FIV positive an got shots and got fixed an now is bein' taken care of by a nayburr

a rescue place wuz werkin' on findin' homes fur the offurs


The Meezers said...

Happy Balentimes day!!!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm glad you get all the love and kisses today. Sorry if your mommy is lonely, but kitties are the most important today right? Right. Take care Muffin!

Karen Jo said...

Good job putting the bitey on the man so you could have your Mom all to yourself again. You deserve all the snuggles and cuddles.

Oreo said...

Hi Oreo,
What's so bad about being named after a cookie? Look what they named me.

Well, you does haff a point, how efurr, mine Momma does not effun LIKE cookies so....I can't be named for sumefinn her don like....right? :) It was furry nice to meet you btw & if you needs a man to put the bitey on, you can teleport ofur & bite mine Daddy if you wants!