Friday, January 22, 2010

Raja Went for a Swim

Hi! It's me, Midi, here. Mommy's biological father was down for a visit, so she's been very busy. He took her out to dinner lots. Some of the places they went to had salad bars. She always brought me back leftovers. Yum. The Visitor petted me,talked to me and gave me scritches. I liked him.

Raja didn't. He's a large person and she was leery of him. She's real protective. This is HER house. Visitors have to be introduced to HER. She gave him the "Who are you? " look. She wouldn't let him near her. Plus she doesn't like to share Mommy. There was a whole lot of hissing going on. It was almost as funny as watching Muffy and The Man. (Incidentally, The Man still comes around and Raja doesn't like him, either.)

The payoff came when the Visitor used the human litter box . He left the seat up. Raja didn't look; she just jumped up on the porcelain bowl to get a drink. And she fell in!!! It was so funny. She got a face full of water. Boy did she yoowl.

Mommy picked her up, rinsed her off and cuddled her for awhile. Raja milked that..
Then Mommy told the Visitor to be more careful. She was very upset. Iwasn't.TEE-HEE.