Tuesday, November 13, 2007

7 Things Meme

Awhile ago Tiger Lilly tagged me for the 7 Things meme. I'm to list seven things about me, then tag seven people. So here goes:
1. I demand a clean litter box. If it's not clean I'll hold it till I can't anymore. Luckily these people caught on to that pretty quickly. I now get excellent box service.
2. I'm bigger than half the dogs in our apartment complex. I like to remind them of that fact.
3. I love shoelaces.
4. I like to go outside with my mommy.
5. I'm the one who knocked over the fake ficus tree.
6. Remember that little lizard that got into the house? Well, he's never getting out. "burp"
7. I don't like to travel.

I tag anyone who wants to play. Thanks Tiger Lilly.


Tiger Lily said...

Those are very interesting things about you Muffin! Thank you for your kind words about Ruckus and my Daddy.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

ha ha ha Great job with that lizard. I hear lizards are very rude so it is better to eat them than to let them run around being rude.

I looooooooove that you remind the woofies who is boss. That is awesome!

I too demand a clean litterbox. It doesn't take long to train them for that does it? ha ha ha

I'm with you on #7 as well. I hope you and your mommy are doing well!!!

Sadie said...

Merlin and Dobby don't like to travel, either. Good job keeping those neighborhood dogs on their best behavior!

The Crew said...

Well, you're lucky you don't live in our house. Mom has become very lax about our litterbox cleaning!

The Furry Fighter said...

shoeleaces are fabulous - when meowmie shouts 'laces' at us we come running for a game! x