Thursday, May 31, 2007

Under the Bed

Right now I feel like joining Suzanne under the bed. My apartment building is being prepared for painting. There are men with ladders and hoses, pressure cleaning the outside walls. Then they're using hissing
bottles to caulk cracks in the wood, hammering loose boards and spraying smelly primer all over. I hate it.Why can't they shove
on some paint and go?
Then Mommy's been working more hours. I know she needs the money,but I miss her.I'm used to constantly being petted and talked to. She says the rush at the library willend soon. I hope


Suzanne said...

come on over, muffin! there's plenty of room under the bed for you! (we've got a king size bed...just for mama, me and ben2)

it's really quiet here, and you'll be able to relax.


Suzanne said...

i'm glad the painters have stopped work for awhile. it's good to have quiet!

mama's been on vacation for the past few days...and she's having a ball...just hanging around. taking pictures...realizing that the camera she has the wrong one...doesn't have any image stabilization! lol so mama will be selling the one she got to get a better one. luckily she hasn't had it long and should be able to get a decent price. (return policies sure aren't what they used to be)


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

strangers are yucky and paint stinks! we sure hope they go away soon!

Karen Jo said...

I hope this painting nightmare ends soon. Under the bed is a good place to be with all this going on. I hope you get more time with your Mom soon.