Monday, April 23, 2007

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Tracy: Muffin and I haven't felt much like blogging since the Virginia Tech carnage. My father (Grampy) was a college security officer for almost thirty years. We were all emotionally tied to the daily life of the school where he worked.
But beyond that, if high school was a circus,then college was a safe, rarefied place where people could begin to figure out who they really were, grow intellectually,and make life-long friendships. It was a world where anything seemed possible. Anything but this....
For all the Virginia Tech students the massacre was the death of their innocence.
It's just so sad....

Muffin: Mommy and I are sad about the deaths of Joaquin, Gizzy and Bear and the illness of Lily Lu.
We realize that life goes on,so we'll post again soon.


Suzanne said...

the tragedy of vt is heavy, and it changes so many things for people (and kitties) who didn't want anything changed.

check out mu shue's blog for good news about lilly lu!


ps we're having our first contest...details posted on tuesday!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

We know what you mean. It is a terrible tragedy that this type of thing can happen. Mine mommy says there isn't anywhere she feels really safe anymore.
That is the lingering effect of these things. Our beans don't feel safe. We'll look forward to seeing you soon. We're getting all caught up on our blog reading!

Muffin, give your mommy lotsa love and headbutts. Mine likes when I rub her face with mine. It makes her smile, try that.

One of us said...

we hopes you feel betters soon. the VT shooting was so sad and our momma still gets leaky eyes when she here the news about it. It is a sad thing that 'beans can't feel as safe anymore ~Poiland Tribe

Faz the Cat said...

There are such sad things that happen but remember there are good things too. We will be sending nice, good thoughts to you to try and help mend your sad hearts. FAZ

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Just checking in to see how things are. There is good news about Lilly Lu!